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Hydraulic Components

- main pump
- swing device
- travel device
- main control valve
* valve plate, set plate, shoe plate, cylinder block, swash plate, ball guide,
support, carrier gear, coupling, shaft, relief valve, solenoid valve/assembly,
bearing, spool set, tilting pin, bolt, piston shoe, friction plate, steel plate.

Our company supplies Used and Brand New excavator parts from Korea and others such as: Komatsu,Kobelco,Daewoo,Volvo,Kubota,Hyundai,Kato,CAT,Doosan, Yanmar and etc.
Our Product Line:
HYDRAULIC PARTS : travel motor assy ,pump assy, gear pump assy,    regulator assy, control valve assy (multiple valve assy),swing motor assy, and their spare part, piston, plate, cylinder block, main relief valve, pilot valve assy, bypass valve, swivel joint assy, gear, bearing, shaft.

ENGINE PARTS  : cylinder head assy, cylinder block assy, crankshaft assy, camshaft, fuel injector assy, fuel pump assy, EGR cooler,  liner, piston, piston ring, pin, snap ring,turbocharger,alternator,repair kit,water pump,bearing set,exhaust valve and inlet valve, valve tappet, rocker arm---inlet&exhaust valve, timing gear, oil pressure switch(sensor), oil pump, oil cooler, fan,inlet manifold, starter assy, fuel pipe, pressure sensor
CHASSIS/UNDERCARRIAGE PARTS: track roller assy, roller assy, idler assy,idler adjust assy, shoe assy, track link assy, bolt, track guide, sprocket.
Filter, seal, repair kit.

Cylinder, boom, arm, bucket, seal repair kit.
Others: pipe, hose, hydraulic tank, fuel tank, radiator assy, mudffler assy, coupling, screw, nut, grip assy, lever assy, pedal, cab assy and spare part, wiper arm assy, glass, wiper assy, seat assy, bonnet, slewing ring assy, swing bearing assy, boom assy, arm assy, link assy, bucket assy, side cutter, tooth assy, adapter.
Swing Motor and Travel Motor Models
(under Hydraulic components)

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